GT 80 DS

The GT 80 Deck Saloon is a stylish gentlemen's yacht destined for the Mediterranean. A large panorama deckhouse will make long journeys on this boat very comfortable and pleasant.  

A light displacement, combined with advanced sail handling systems will make this yacht easy to sail with a small crew. The forward end of the hull has a chine to provide extra lift when running deep and to keep the glass deckhouse free of salt and spray.

Water ballast is used to enlarge stability in windy conditions without compromising light air performance with excess weight.

The first yacht will be equipped with a very efficient rotating wing mast designed and engineered by Eric Sponberg.

The GT 80 is now under construction at Gran Turismo Yachts in Belgium. www.Gran Turismo






GT 80 yacht cockpit




LOA 24.00 DSPL 36.500 Kg.
BOA 6.08 SA upw 317  m2
Draft 4.00/2.25    
  Gran_Turismo_80 interior


       GT80 yachtt owners_cabin